‘I did not want to put this book down. Amazing information – some of it heartwarming, thought provoking, some of it hard for me to get my head round! I can’t imagine anyone, after reading this book would not feel even just a little jolted by it. Wonderful book.’ – Judy Lloyd on Amazon UK (5 out of 5 stars)

“I have read ‘A Course in Spiritual Philosophy’ twice. I am now reading it again for the third time. To say I find it fascinating is an understatement. I am far richer in knowledge than I have ever been, although I have read many books on the subject”.
(M.W. Chesterfield)
” Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to acquire Madam Amanda’s Course which I seized with both hands. It is full of common sense, advice and guidance and my own wish is that everyone should read it. The chapter on the mind is very educational and explanatory in such a wonderful way. I was overjoyed when Amanda allayed my fears by her factual statements of Truth.”
(M.P. Loughton)
“I have become happier and at peace inside myself knowing what I now know. Your books and Amanda’s book have had an important bearing on my knowledge”
(D.A. Chelmsford)
“The book by Madam Amanda Valiant and your own have been like a breath of fresh air and light. All the bits and pieces of knowledge and experience over the years now,
at last, make coherent sense.”
(G.L. Abu Dhabi)



“I must say it is the most interesting book I’ve ever read. It is a pleasure and education to read it.”
(P.P. London)

“Your compelling book had a profound effect on me and, for several days after, I felt the repercussions. However, when that phase passed, it seemed as if a load had been
lifted from my shoulders and I felt a glorious sense of release. Every time I think about the wonderful secrets I now possess, a deep thrill passes through me.”
(M.P.L. Loughton)

“I find it fascinating in its simplicity and understandability and yet it is so basic and profound. I have no difficulty in accepting its validity. So much of it is what we
already know within ourselves but are grateful for confirmation. I feel like saying, ‘Of course, this must be the answer. I knew it all along’. It is beautiful.”
(D.H. Woodstock U.S.A.)

” ”Conversations with Jesus Christ’ has held me in awe. I have read it once and now my second reading is with a deeper feeling. No doubt it will be my life-long reference
(H.A.B. Taberg, New York)



”Alan Valiant is a true writer, all his books are amazing and tell the real truth from people in the afterlife….this is my 4th book by Alan…I would recommend all his books……”- Kathleen Thompson. (5 out of 5 stars on Amazon UK)



“It is no accident that I have discovered over the last two years the new Pathway of Life and I am trying to do my small service to the Lord God. I shall be giving these
books to my friends so that they may know the Truth and extend their pathway of
(J.B. Exeter)

“At last, sensible explanations of the biblical enigmas have been revealed by the Lord God Himself. It is wonderful to know that He still supervises mankind on the planet
Earth. I am thrilled to read of your amazing experiences”.
(G.C. Plymouth)

“The author’s experiences related in this book are proof positive that we survive so called death. His travels into the astral worlds in the company of the Lord God have
revealed to me that the next life is something greatly to be looked forward to”.
(M.W. Daventry)


“Thank you for sending your book. I have read it over and over and now my husband is reading it. In all my years I’ve never found someone so “with it”! I always felt that
people had got religion wrongly”.
(R.C. Maidstone)



“Your book is worth more than its weight in gold!. My mother and I both found it to be very informative, inspirational and reassuring. Your books are the best aid to spiritual thought to date.”
(S.S.G. Clwyd)

“I got ‘Why Believe When You Can Know’ last week and have just finished reading it.It is a very good book, I think your best to date. I liked it immensely and will certainly recommend it highly to my friends and correspondents”.
(J.J.S. Kingsburg, California)

“Thank you so much for sending me ‘Why Believe When You Can Know’. It has been a great pleasure reading it and I was so engrossed in the book that I found it hard to put down. All your books are absolutely fascinating.”
(O.A. Chelmsford)


“Many thanks for safe delivery of your current book the contents of which have given me so much information and pleasure that I feel I have reached the ultimate in spiritual enlightenment. I just relished the Final Confession chapter. It gave me a
wonderful (if wicked) feeling of satisfaction.”
(M.P. Loughton)



”Finally I have found the very thing that feels true for me. My search is even more complete after a life of searching. Thank you Alan.” – Jean R. (5 out of 5 stars on Amazon UK)



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