An Interview With Paranormal Expert Jim Harold

An interview with Alan Valiant by paranormal expert Jim Harold conducted in 2011.

Alan Valiant - Spiritual Master

This is a half hour interview with Paranormal Expert Jim Harold discussing Alan’s life and work, conducted in 2011 when Alan was 91. The websites mentioned in the interview have since changed so are no longer active. Further details can be found at


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Why Believe? When You Can Know! out now on Amazon Kindle



Why Believe? When You Can Know! by Alan Valiant

In this amazing book, the facts supersede religious belief. Your life will never be the same after learning the revealing information because you will have the knowledge that man has sought for centuries.

You cannot afford to go through life without knowing what lies ahead of you. Most people think that they have to believe in a prescribed religion or dogma in order to get through life and be saved from the consequences of their sins after they die.

Because the facts of our existence are so different from the universally held beliefs, it is vital that we discover the truth before we return whence we came, that is to heaven or the spiritual world, as some may prefer to call it. To return burdened by false beliefs only sets us back spiritually as it takes a long time to replace one’s beliefs by a knowledge of the facts.

The only thing of real importance is knowledge. Of what use is belief if it turns out to be wrong? Once you know the facts, your whole life changes for the better and the uncertainty of whether you are following the right path disappears. You will know why you are the way you are and you will know the way to go ahead in order to fulfill your destiny.

When you realize that you create your own future by the way you behave now, you will see the futility of proceeding on a wayward course and will understand that every act has an effect on you as well as on others.

This book is now avaliable in Kindle format at low cost  HERE (Amazon US) or HERE if you are in the UK.