by Madam Amanda Valiant

Madam Amanda Valiant was offering the information contained in this book as a correspondence course but she passed to the highest realms while working on the monthly lessons.

Each of the sixteen lessons has formed the content of a different chapter in the book that was completed by Alan Valiant, Amanda’s husband. Amanda and Alan, after developing an efficient and unique method of communication with the spiritual world, were spoken to by the Lord God and Jesus Christ and were subsequently able to talk with them at any time.

Many people believe that God is unapproachable but, if they can accept that He spoke to people in biblical times, why should He have stopped doing so in modern times? The fact is, He has NOT! Unlike most mediums, Amanda was able to discuss any subject with her spiritual advisors using our advanced techniques. Scripts by God, Jesus Christ, Moses, Ezekiel and many other High Spiritual Beings were received by spirit writing, usually called automatic writing but which is not automatic because it originates in the mind of the communicant and is received by telepathy. Moses, now a Gardener of the Earth, gives ten rules for modern living, Jesus Christ describes his disappearance after the crucifixion and explains his purpose in coming to earth.

Ezekiel tells what exactly happened when he was approached by the Lord God thereby clarifying the puzzling aspects of his chapter in the bible. Professor, Doctor Carl Jung, the great psychiatrist and philosopher, defines and explains the mind. You will learn what happens to your loved ones after they pass on. Other subjects dealt with are reincarnation, karma, the beauty of life in heaven, pets in heaven and the Akashic Record.



by Alan Valiant

For the last thirty-five years I have been receiving scripts written through my hand by numerous people who lived many years ago in addition to those who passed on more recently. Because no one can cease to exist, every person who has lived and died is still existing somewhere in our Creator’s universe, either incarnate or discarnate in the spiritual world. Thus it is that I have been able, through my ability to communicate telepathically with spiritual beings in the spiritual world or heaven, to receive information from many of the most famous historical figures.

Learn the truth about Nelson’s last words, how Darwin views his theory of natural selection since his passing, the reason for Beethoven’s deafness, plus posthumous messages from famous political leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, and famous philosophers Plato and Bertrand Russell.

Voices From The Past contains messages from the following famous people:

1. Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding 
2. Charles Darwin 
3. Winston Churchill 
4. Christopher Columbus 
5. Plato 
6. Marie Stopes 
7. Horatio Nelson 
8. Abraham Lincoln 
9. Bertrand Russell 
10. Oliver Lodge 
11. Louis Pasteur 
12. Bing Crosby 
13. Ludwig van Beethoven 
14. Florence Nightingale 
15. Django Reinhardt 
16. Ethelred the Unready 
17. King Charles 1 
18. Oliver Cromwell 
19. Galileo 
20. Ann Boleyn 
21. Rossini 
22. George Formby 
23. Arturo Toscanini 
24. Jacob Epstein 
25. Thomas Edison 



by Alan Valiant

During a period of seventeen years, between 1993 and 2010, I received six hundred and fifty-one scripts written through my hand by the late Professor Carl Jung. They are known as Life Readings. I received orders from people wishing to know about their past lives often to discover if their present-time situations could be explained.

All the readings were obtained by the late Professor Carl Jung who searched the Akashic Records on Plane Four. Everything that has ever happened in the Universe is recorded in these records, every thought, every action and every emotion. Nothing can be hidden. Every individual’s spiritual history is available, so by using only the name, address and date and place of birth, Professor Jung was able to look up the persons’ previous lives.

Then he wrote the scripts through my hand, either by direct writing or on my computer keyboard. The real names of the individuals have either been omitted or given a pseudonym in order to safeguard their security and for ethical reasons. Many people wrote to me after reading their spiritual histories saying that they explained many situations in their present lives.

My books are published in volumes of Life Readings. They describe the karmic consequences of people’s overt actions in the past and indicate that there are great benefits to be derived from leading a selfless, altruistic life. Many readers are surprised to learn that they have been born in the opposite gender but it is Our Creator’s plan for humanity that we continue to rise spiritually, eventually to arrive on the highest spiritual planes.



by Alan Valiant

For two thousand years a great aura of mystery has surrounded the life, death and purpose of Jesus Christ.

Numerous cults and religions have grown out of the sparse information contained in the four gospels in the bible. Each has a different creed or dogma. Some believe one thing, others another.

The result is a chaotic view of the facts behind Christ’s last life on earth. The prelates argue over the ‘politics’ of Christianity, such as whether women or homosexuals should be ordained as much as they argue over whether Christ was really born of a virgin.

They all have their beliefs but none of them really knows! The author has been communicated with by Jesus Christ every day on a two-way basis since 1976.

Significantly, when the religious view of Jesus Christ is set aside, a purely practical human being, albeit of extraordinary capabilities, emerges.

The author had puzzled over the mystical aspects of Christ’s existence for most of his life and, after he discovered the principles behind communication with the spiritual world, he was spoken to by Jesus Christ, himself who intimated his wish that the world be appraised of the truth about him. Alan Valiant was asked if he would help and this book is the result.

Fifty questions are posed by Alan Valiant and the answers are written by Jesus Christ through the author’s hand. The facts concerning Christ’s last incarnation are now known.Knowledge of the truth is infinitely better than blind belief and all people who earnestly seek the facts of their existence will be greatly enlightened when they learn of the amazing replies to the author’s questions. Was Christ born of a virgin and did he die on the cross? These are two of the questions that are answered.



by Alan Valiant

The Lord God, prominently featured in the Christian bible, has been communicating with Alan Valiant since 1976 and with his late wife, Amanda, until her return to the spiritual realms in 1988.

The bible contains references to space ships landing and taking off but these phenomena have never been understood by the priests who interpret the scriptures.

At last, an explanation of those mysterious events is now at hand from the Beings who were involved in them.

This book has been written at the express wish of the Lord God who asked Alan Valiant if he would write it in order to appraise the people of earth as to the facts about his own existence and his function during the events in the bible and until the present day.

During the writing of the book, the author was taken astral travelling to each of the seven planes in the spiritual world and finally to Sphere Eight, the realm of the Gardeners of the Earth who represent the governors of the universe. The author’s descriptions of the different planes go far beyond any previous ones in that they are very detailed and, because he is a Spiritual Master, he has been privileged to visit all the planes in the company of the Lord God who, in addition to the script that he wrote through the author, has given ten commandments for the modern age.

Some of the author’s many dramatic meetings with the Lord God are described and, view of the current interest in Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs, readers will find the true explanations of visitors from outer space and the Lord God’s appearances throughout thousands of years to be of great interest.



by Alan Valiant

The author is an independent psychic investigator who, with his late wife, Amanda, spent twelve years researching communication with those in the spiritual world. This book reveals the results of their work and contains explicit instructions on how to converse with relatives or friends who have passed on.

Never before, have the principles of such communication been known but now the author has revealed the secrets of easily learned methods so that serious seekers of the knowledge of their continued existence after death may find the proof that they need. Working independently of any organisation, the author has made an important breakthrough in the technology of communication with the so-called dead and has received astounding information from the Spiritual Hierarchy which they have asked him to pass on to others wishing to learn the facts about their own existence. The methods described may be used by you, alone and at any time. There is no need for seances, darkened rooms, mediums, trances or special apparatus. All you need to start with are pencil and paper. 

After applying the principles in this book, you may end speculation about survival after death because you will know. Your psychic awareness, once awakened, is limitless and it could lead you, as it has done for the author, to unbelievable peace of mind and happiness as a result of great enlightenment. The fifty-six principles were given to me by by the late Professor Carl Jung, a High Spiritual Being once a very famous man on earth, now enjoying the fruits of his labours on a high plane in the spiritual world where he works with the Hierarchy. 

Your psychic channels are opened wider and wider as you progress with your practices and studies.These Principles constitute the most revealing definition of the mind ever disclosed to mankind.



by Alan Valiant

In this amazing book, the facts supersede religious belief. Your life will never be the same after learning the revealing information because you will have the knowledge that man has sought for centuries.

You cannot afford to go through life without knowing what lies ahead of you. Most people think that they have to believe in a prescribed religion or dogma in order to get through life and be saved from the consequences of their sins after they die.

Because the facts of our existence are so different from the universally held beliefs, it is vital that we discover the truth before we return whence we came, that is to heaven or the spiritual world, as some may prefer to call it. To return burdened by false beliefs only sets us back spiritually as it takes a long time to replace one’s beliefs by a knowledge of the facts.


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